Seasons dashboard

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Same specifications apply.
The old site is planned to stay as a more reliable static-hosted alternative.

Data is updated twice per CW slot:
~30 minutes after CW slot is announced
~90 minutes after CW slot is announced

Dotted data means that you can tap or hover over it and get more details.

Detailed data (wins, games, rating, etc.) is guaranteed to be shown for top 25 clans with at least 1 conquered territory (those who compete for ranked rewards). This limit is introduced to save time updating and make less requests to server.

"Estimated" data is calculated proportionally based on current win-per-slot stats.

If the dashboard is not updated for a long time feel free to panic until it is fixed. Probably a bug happened. If that happens, when CW seasons change, the delay is OK, as the dashboard requires some manual updates per season.

Send your feedback here:

Timeslot dashboard

Under normal conditions New timeslots are expected to be properly added and synced within 5 minutes after a timeslot starts.

After the slot is added, if no extra notification is present, the tables are expected to auto-update, without manual refresh.

Old slots may be directly accessed by /timeslot/{timeslot_id} path. For example: /timeslot/2 A proper UI might be added soon.


"pCWR" (personal Clan War Rating) is an arbitrary metric that is calculated exactly like CWR, but for individual players.

Some limitations:
- The only difference in calculation is that pCWR does not award extra rating on Free Wins and No Games. As a side effect pCWRs are generally lowers as they do not incorporate clan CWR inflation
- With the used coefficients, pCWR (just as CWR) is tuned to stabilize after around 100-150 games. As individuals have fewer games than clans, the required game count may be too high for personal usage. Having less than 100 games and may result in lower pCWR than expected.
- In all sections where there is a list of games the pCWR is displayed as it calculated is after the corresponding game.

Known bugs/features

- Sometimes, games are mistakenly attributed to wrong clan in cases when same player played for multiple clans in single seasons. If you see that, please give me a notice.

- If during a season a player had only got "no game" results, that player will not be attributed to any clan. In that case there is no way to reliably attribute him to a clan roster.


Private stuff for automation. Please, move along, nothing to see here.